Why is My Furnace Loud, and How Can I Fix It?

 If your furnace generates unusual or loud noises, it’s critical to determine where the sound is coming from to resolve the problem. Noise in the HVAC Fort Smith, AR system can suggest a far more serious problem or perhaps damage. 

Noises can be caused by various parts, each of which produces a distinct sound. It would help if you did not ignore noises from the furnace. However, even if you wanted to, it would be difficult to ignore the noises due to their volume. 

Let’s look at the various sounds and what you can do to correct them.

Loud Banging Noises

One possible cause of pounding or popping is because the inside of your furnace is unclean. This can interfere with the combustion of the gases inside, resulting in various issues, including the cracking of your heat exchanger. Routine maintenance maintains everything clean on the inside and helps to prevent this.

Scraping Noises

Scraping noises emanating from your furnace could signal that your system’s blower wheel is malfunctioning. If you hear this noise, immediately switch off your furnace and contact a professional.

Squealing Noises

Squealing noises could indicate that your motor or blower belt needs to be replaced. It could also mean that parts of your engine need to be oiled, which isn’t as serious as some other problems but still needs to be addressed by an expert.

Rattling Noises

You shouldn’t be overly concerned if you hear creaking noises coming from your heating system. The majority of these issues can be readily resolved by securing loose ducts with duct tape or adding more screws.

Whistling Noises

A variety of factors can cause whistling noises:

  • The ducts are either too tiny, or there are gaps in them. If this is the noise source, it will come from a small hole around the place where the duct and furnace meet.
  • The fan is sucking air from any place it can because a filter is jammed. Whether this is the case, remove the filter and check if the noise disappears.
  • Your filter is so filthy that it is obstructing the air passage. You should remove the old filter and install a new one in this scenario.

Contact a professional if you’re having problems with your furnace or want to get rid of annoying furnace noises. For the best heating services in Fort Smith, AR, or heater replacement in Fort Smith AR, call us at (479) 785-4444