What Are The AC Myths That Are Costing You Money

Is it true that blocking off vents to empty rooms saves you money? No, this is a misconception, and it might harm the system by placing needless strain on it. So, if this is a myth, how many other money-saving ideas are incorrect? Are you repeating these errors in an attempt to save money? Here are the top money-saving myths that will either cost you more money or necessitate the services of an AC contractor in Fayetteville.

Myth #1 – Leaving Your Air Conditioner Set To A Single Temperature Saves Energy

It consumes more energy to keep a constant temperature. Lower your thermostat when you are gone from home or asleep to consume less energy and save more money. A programmable thermostat can help you save money by allowing you to select up to four distinct temperature settings for day and night use. It is less expensive for your air conditioner to cool down from a 5-degree temperature difference than it is to operate all day in one sitting.

Myth #2 – Leveling Your Air Conditioner To The Lowest Setting Can Allow Cool Down Of The House Quickly

This is a misconception; setting the thermostat lower than usual does not speed up the cooling process. The air conditioner cools the air by sucking hot air in, passing it through super-cooled coils that contain a refrigerant, and then blowing the cooled air out through the ducting and vents. This procedure takes its time and cannot be hurried up to conclude sooner. This strategy just consumes more energy and forces your air conditioner to work harder to accomplish the same task. Overworking your air conditioner may need an unanticipated AC installation in Fort Smith, AR.

Myth #3 – The Size Of The Air Conditioning Unit Doesn’t Matter

The size of your area determines your HVAC unit’s size. A too-small system will have to work more to cool your house and wear out sooner. A unit that is too large will cycle on and off until it fails. Consult with an expert in air conditioner repair in Fort Smith AR, to determine your property’s appropriate size HVAC unit.

Myth #4 – Air Filters Need Not Be Changed Regularly

Even if you clean your home regularly, you should always check your air filters. Air filters are often affordable and can save you money in the long term on repair expenses and your power bill. If you’re having difficulties identifying or replacing your air filter, contact a professional to assist you. 

Myth #5 – Location Of The Thermostat Does Not Affect Air Quality Or Temperature

The location of your thermostat is critical to the operation and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Therefore, a thermostat should always be situated away from heat or cooling sources and in a central area where it can acquire an average measurement of your home’s temperature levels.

A thermostat that is not properly installed can waste both energy and money. A properly installed thermostat will precisely read the temperature in your house and satisfy your needs for a regulated environment.

You can now improve your air conditioning efforts to use less energy and save money now that you know the facts and the myths.

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