Carbon Monoxide Detector

“The Silent Killer”

Carbon Monoxide, known as the silent killer, is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. If your home is heated by propane, natural gas, wood, or coal, awareness is key to noticing symptoms before it’s too late.


Symptoms of CO2 poisoning are like the flu.

To distinguish the difference between the two, here are a few different factors to consider, Does your condition get worse in a certain location? And get better after leaving? Is more than one person, in the home, simultaneously sick? Most often than not, it takes days for the flu to pass from person to person in a household.

Due to the bodies lack of oxygen, when CO2 is present, the following can be contraindications to look out for, confusion, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, redness of the skin, chest tightness, vision changes, and loss of muscle control. Carbon Monoxide, with continued exposure, can cause suffocation, resulting in loss of consciousness, brain damage, and even death.

More people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning each year than any other type of poison.

One important key to prevention is to have routine maintenance done yearly on appliances that create or could leak CO2. Examples include heater/furnace, water heater, kitchen stove, fireplace and much more. Preventive maintenance is key, but CO2 detectors can also be life savers. Be sure to ask us about our low-level detectors, that could save yours and your families lives.