Seven Ways To Help You Reduce Energy Costs This Summer

When the temperature rises in your area, the electricity bills rise too. So here are a few tips to help you reduce energy costs this summer.

Start Cleaning Your Air Conditioner’s Vents And Units

An air conditioner that has clean and clear units is an effective one. When these air filters are clogged, the airflow is reduced. This is because the dirt and debris that is stuck inside the air conditioner will stop the airflow. Stopped airflow could lead to damaging the evaporator, which will result in costly repairs. Install new air filters regularly by contacting air conditioner repair Fort Smith, AR.

Using A Programmable Thermostat

If you are planning to cut down bills, keeping the air conditioner turned on day and night is not a good option. Lower the thermostat temperatures during the nights as the climate already cools down. Then increase the setting to a higher one during the daytime.

However, it might get difficult to change the setting every day, and sometimes you might even forget to change. With programmable thermostats, you can adjust your home setting automatically.

Programmable thermostats even help with saving bills by 20%. You will be capable to raise or lower the settings using your smartphone while receiving system updates and maintenance alerts. Call an AC company in Fort Smith, AR, and purchase a thermostat that is ideal for your home.

Keep Your Curtains And Blinds Closed

If you leave your curtains open during the day, the outdoor heat can seep inside your home. Due to this, the air conditioner has to work overload to keep the home in desired temperatures.

The increased load will wear out the system while causing a surge in your electricity bills. Therefore, closed curtains and blinds will stop the outside heat from entering.

Ceiling Fans

If you have a ceiling fan at your home, you can be comfortable even when the air conditioner is running at high temperatures. Turn your ceiling fan counterclockwise, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cool air that is being pulled towards the ceiling. This cool air will reduce the load on the AC unit and help you save bills.

Natural Ventilation

If the temperature drops during the nights, then switch to natural air rather than turning on your air conditioner. Open your windows and enjoy the natural air.

Regular Servicing

Nothing works wonders on your electricity bills like routine servicing. These checkups will increase your air conditioner efficiency and decrease power usage. Schedule a visit with air conditioning in Fayetteville, NCfor your AC unit maintenance.

Insulate Your Home

Upgrading your house’s insulation can save around 10-50% of your heating bills. Seal the leaks in your ductwork, basement, and attic.

If you are searching for an AC company in Fort Smith, ARto install a new air conditioner at your home, contact Martin’s Heating and Air. Our experts are ready to help. Call us to schedule an appointment now.