Love is in the Air!!!!!

This year we found a way, with the help of Lennox, to give back to our community.

We recently had our “Love is in the Air” Contest managed by They advertised the contest for us and an automated system picked the winner.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Grindle of Barling, AR!!!!! ❤️

Congratulations to our love is in the air contest winners Mr. and  Mrs. Grindle of Barling, AR

They will be receiving a 3 ton 14 seer Lennox Heating and Air system at ZERO cost to them!!!!

We will keep everyone updated as the progression of the installation and they will be announced in the newspaper as well.

For those of you who entered and did not win, keep an eye on your email for exclusive coupons just for contestants. We also have many great financing options with zero down and payments as low as $114/month!

Apply for HVAC Financing in Fort Smith, AR

We will continue to find ways to contribute to this awesome community we all live in, because we care.

Thank you for all who participated in our Love is in the Air Contest. We have had so much fun getting to know each one of you, who stayed with us throughout the process, and we look forward to working with you in the future. 


A/C tune-up

A/C tune-up why they it’s important…

Here’s a story, not about A/c tune-ups, but will hopefully will get you in the right thinking process…You get a brand new car. It’s a 2019 Cadillac SUV. It’s your first luxury vehicle. You take it for the first drive. It runs so smooth. Every bump and turn on these River Valley roads feels so much more effortless. The seats hug you and it smells wonderful inside. The radio plays with surround sound and you can’t help but feel lucky to be it’s brand new owner. You take it in for it’s regular routine maintenance. You have tune-ups, spark plugs changed, oil changes, tires rotated and balanced, and eventually replaced. You take it to the car wash. You even have detailed so it stays like new. 7-10 years later it’s still running beautifully.

Now let’s talk about your home AC system. Your old one breaks or you buy a brand new house, either way you have a brand new 14 seer 3 ton Lennox HVAC system.

You turn it on for the first time. The air inside your home is crisp, clean, & cool. The Southern humidity doesn’t reach the inside of your home. You’re home is comfortable and the air is clean. You feel lucky to be the person living in this home. The system runs and you don’t hear a sound.

The technician that installed your unit tells you, you need to have it regularly maintained, but you only half listen (I mean he’s just trying to sell you something else, right?) So you don’t get your yearly tune-up, you change your filter when it gets real dirty. That’s good enough, you say to yourself.

But then 7-10 years go by, the system doesn’t cool your house properly. You can hear it as it kicks on and off. The air inside your home is stale and you can almost smell the dust in the air (you actually can, and the mites, and their feces.) Your energy bill during the summertime has doubled. You blame it on the electric company. Finally you have to make the call.

A technician from the same company comes out, charges you a diagnostic charge, bills you for labor and parts. He also tells you the importance of routine maintenance, and you once again turn him down I mean he’s just trying to sell you something else after you just paid nearly 1000$ in repairs.

Here at Martin’s we would rather your system stay up and running longer with fewer repairs. We strive to keep our customers informed and help them to have a safe and comfortable home for years to come. Not just today or when we get a call for repairs. We would rather you get your annual (if the unit is less than 5 years old) or bi-annual (if the unit is more than 5 years old)A/C tune-up , instead of getting that repair call.

“Out of this World” A/C tune-up Fort Smith, AR



Service Round Table

Energy Star

Arkansas HVACR Association


Lennox Premier Dealer

Mayor Mcgill speaking at Parrot Island Water park
Fort Smith Regional Chamber Ambassadors! Support Local business Parrot Island Water park at their groundbreaking ceremony for their new attraction the WaveRider being put in by Burton Pools and Spa

Friday March 22, 2019

We had the honor of attending Parrot Island’s Groundbreaking for their new attraction the WaveRider. Parrot Island Water park was a great addition to this amazing city we all live in or near and each year they find more and more ways to improve and add on.

When you speak with Mayor McGill you can feel is passion for Fort Smith and the surrounding area radiate through his words.

Parrot Island uses all Local companies to do their work as noted above, Burton pools and Spa will be the one in charge of this project.

For Smith Chamber of Commerce and it’s Ambassador’s came out to support this awesome new attraction.

With such a tight nit community who wouldn’t want to love fort smith outloud. I know I do!! Every day on a daily basis.

Our Martian had a blast with Pettie the parrot and can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with him on the the opening day of the park.

Remember to always support local businesses in the area and Fort Smith will continue to grow and flourish in only ways that it can. The potential is endless.

Martian’s Martian with Petie the Parrot
Race Riley from KISR 93.7 (I think he is slightly obsessed with the costume 😉
Breaking that ground with mayor McGill.

Support Local

Chance to win a FREE Outdoor Gourmet 4 Burner Griddle with all new ac installs scheduled by April 30th!

New AC installs!!!!
Summer is right around the corner. Think proactive. If your system is older than 12-15 years there is a high probability that it will go out. Don’t let it be during the heat of the summer when we have to schedule you weeks out. Weeks that you will be without A/C. You don’t want that. We don’t want that. & at the same time be entered to win a FREE outdoor gourmet 4 burner griddle with installs scheduled by April 30th.
Also Don’t forget about our great financing options with zero down and low monthly payments.

Chance to WIN w/ ALL New AC Installs!!!

Come Join the Family!

Whether you’re an employee or a customer, everyone at Martin’s is a family.

Come join the family NOW HIRING! Apply Now! Jobs near me

We go to local events together, we have company parties.

Martin’s has a full benefits package, dental vision, life insurance, and health insurance.

NOW HIRING! Family fun Fort Smith, AR

We care about each-others problems. We celebrate  one another’s achievements.

We care about family and allowing Moms, Dads, & Grandparents, to be there for the big moments.

NOW HIRING! Apply Now! Jobs near me Family fun in Fort Smith, AR

Martin’s has a vacation package for the fun times and sick days for the not so fun times..

Want a job? Go elsewhere. Want a career, family, and team? Come to Martin’s heating & Air!

You can email resumes to

Come Join the Family!



NOW HIRING! Apply Now! Jobs near me

Come join the family!

#tbt Throwback Thursday

We recently under went a complete re-branding.We would love your feedback on our new look verses our old look.



Throwback Thursday #tbt
Alan in his old uniform with, a man’s best friend!

Throwback Thursday #tbt
Emerson standing next to our old truck in his old uniform!

Throwback Thursday or #tbt is a trend that started on social media. People usually post pictures of them when they were kids or from a few years before. Recently we completely rebranded our company. The lime green polo shirts and our “Out of this World” Vehicles with our martian were not a part of the early days at Martin’s Heating & Air. We are proud of the progress our company has made in branding, in customer service, and our core values (which you can check out on this website if you’re interested in knowing them.) This was all for you! Our potential customer and our customers, to have a better image and give a better service. or like we like to say, an “Out of this World Experience”

If you want to know more about #tbt or Throwback Thursday check out this blog

If you want to see our new uniforms visit our facebook page by clicking the picture above,  and while you’re there don’t forget to like our page 🙂

Throwback Thursday #tbt

We are the Heating and Air Conditioning provider for Home Depot Fort Smith and Home Depot Fayetteville.

  • This comes with a certain authority and distinction within our field. Home Depot only allows companies that are the best of the best in many different categories. Including workmanship, ability to provide top notch customer service, and have certified technicians with clean driving and background.
  • We also come out to kids day and offer cookies, coloring sheets, and family pictures with your project and our alien trucks. Don’t forget this could be the picture you use to win our 25$ gift card to Taco’s for Life for more information on this check out our facebook page own kids.
  • Shown in the bottom picture love Home Depot Fort Smith Kids Day! They get to build different things each month with their own hands and use real tools. It’s a fun and free family outing to do together. Making memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Make sure to stop by sometime and say hi to Cindy. She is known as the sucker lady by all the kids that frequent both Fort Smith Home Depot and Fayettville Home Depot because she always has dum dums on her.She even had a child come up to her at a restaurant and ask her for a sucker because they remembered her from the store. She is a sweet and kind soul that will go above and beyond for anyone she meets.

Home Depot

At Martin’s Heating & air, we install new air conditioning equipment, ductless mini-splits, and duct work in residential homes and light commercial buildings.

During your central Air Conditioning Install

  • We provide an “Out of this World experience” from beginning to end. When setting an appointment, you receive a friendly and welcoming voice. from our customer service representative.
  • Our comfort specialist will visit your home with a replacement estimate at ZERO cost to you. We have access to many affordable financing options to fit your needs.
  • Our installation technicians are highly trained and qualified to provide quality installation. They will go above and beyond and explain how to care for your new systems. They will respect your home by wearing booties to protect your floors and leave your property clean.
  • Start enjoying a comfortable home today! Call to schedule an Air Conditioning Install estimate at no cost to you!!!! by calling 479-785-4444

We are also a Lennox Pro-Partner. Check out their website for more details on their great Air Conditioning Systems we could be installing in your home.

Air Conditioning Install

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