Maintain Your AC Unit to Improve Performance and Save Money

The Air Conditioner System is the hope for surviving the harsh summer. When it runs smoothly, we give little to no attention, but if it breaks down, especially during the summer, there is nothing worse than this. To prevent such happening, we must maintain our system. This will not only increase the life expectancy but also improve the overall performance and save money.


Some maintenance needs little to no expertise and can be performed by anyone. Such preventive maintenance can skyrocket your HVAC system’s efficiency and save your hard-earned money. 

Changing the HVAC System’s Air Filter

It is quite easy to do and can greatly impact the HVAC system’s efficiency and health. Periodically replacing or cleaning the Air Filter helps the System work more efficiently; a clean filter can reduce energy usage by 15 percent. One can change the filters every 30 to 90 for great results. 

Cleaning the Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser will run at its best if it is clean and free from debris. Although this can be a tricky job, deep cleaning requires professionals, but regular cleaning can be done by yourself. 

During summer, it is also important to shade the condenser to make it more productive.

Clearing the Drainage hole

An AC system usually has a drainage hole placed at the cabinet’s base beneath the evaporator fins. It is essential to have a clean drainage hole for the system to work effectively. One can easily clean the drainage hole using a paper clip or a small piece of wire.

Drying out the Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can be priceless at times. And to be certain if it is working at its best capacity, one must remove the outer casting allowing the system inside to dry out. Once dried, the system should be vacuumed properly to eliminate excess dirt before putting it back inside.

These were a handful of self-maintenance tips that you can do to ensure that your system runs efficiently. 

During those hottest days, the air conditioners are your only backups. The blazing heat outside makes the system work harder and longer, resulting in system failure when you need it the most.

To prevent such failure and breakdown, regular maintenance by classified experts is the only way. 

There are many other advantages of regular maintenance such as:

Protecting your system’s warranty

The Air Conditioner system comes with a long warranty tied with requirements for seasonal maintenance. Thus, when an expert technician services your system, the warranty gets protected.

Preventing small issues from becoming big problems

Every problem starts small and grows eventually when unchecked. Getting serviced by professionals prevents such misunderstandings; licensed professionals can identify such problems and repair them before they become too big. This small investment will save tons of your money.

These were a few advantages of regular AC maintenance. It is essential to get the servicing done by a licensed professional such as Martin HVAC, one of the business veterans, well known for AC service Fort Smith, AR, and air conditioner repair Fayetteville, AR Looking for service in AC company Fayetteville, fort smith arcontact Martin Hvac for the best experience. Call Today!