How Much Does It Actually Cost to Replace Your HVAC Unit?

If you’re planning to replace your HVAC unit, then you probably must be thinking about how much the replacement will cost you. Although the decision to replace your air conditioning system is very important, most homeowners simply dive into this process without having any proper idea about the HVAC replacement costs. 

Well, if you’ve decided on replacing your air conditioner, then you must have proper information on its replacement costs, and this is where a reliable AC company in Fayetteville can be of great help and assistance to you. Although the replacement prices may vary greatly depending on the type of HVAC system, there are certain key factors that might actually affect the final replacement costs of your HVAC unit.

Air Conditioner Replacement Costs

The average replacement costs of an air conditioner system may range from $4,300 to $12,000. Although it seems like a wide replacement cost range, it basically includes labor and permit charges also. However, this range of HVAC replacement costs can be broken down a little further. 

  1. Entry-level Air Conditioners – These HVAC units offer single-stage cooling and hence, their replacement costs range somewhere from $4,000 to $8,000. 
  2. Mid-range Air Conditioners – These cooling systems offer a two-stage cooling effect, and hence their replacement cost ranges from $6,000 to $9,500. 
  3. High-end Air Conditioners – These advanced HVAC systems offer a variable-speed cooling effect and their replacement costs range from $8,000 to $12,000.           

Getting the Right Replacement Cost Estimate for Your HVAC System

As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to compare the replacement costs of different HVAC systems in order to find a competitive replacement price for your system. It is because there are numerous factors that affect the actual replacement costs of your HVAC unit. Some of these key factors include: 

● Equipment Cost 

● Installation Supplies

● Labor Charges

● Travel Costs

● Profit

There are certain other factors such as the brand of your HVAC unit or its size that might affect the overall replacement costs of your HVAC unit. Therefore, it is always recommended to get multiple estimates before choosing the right contractor for replacing your HVAC unit. In this, you can make sure that you get the best value for your money.     

Always Do Your Research

If you are looking out for the best replacement cost estimates for your HVAC unit, then it is imperative that you do proper and thorough research in this regard. If you’re armed with reliable and adequate knowledge about the pricing of air conditioner systems, then you can easily avoid falling to a fraudulent HVAC contractor and still make sure you get the best replacement prices for your system. 

The Bottom Line

While the exact replacement cost of your HVAC system depends on various factors, it is important that you consult the right HVAC contractor in this regard. You can also choose to contact professional repair services like air conditioner repair in Fayetteville, AR, in order to get better estimates for your HVAC unit. 

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