How Long Will My Furnace Last? When Should I Replace It?

Everything has a shelf life. Whenever anything is valuable or expensive, prolonging its lifespan to the greatest extent possible is advantageous and desired. For example, do you know how long your furnace gets projected to last? 

Or, in the meanwhile, what can you do to maintain its functionality and durability? “How long will my furnace survive?” is a frequently asked question. 

While this is a challenging topic to answer because there are so many variables at play, experts for heater replacement in Fort Smith, AR, can supply you with knowledge on estimated furnace lifespans, furnace replacement indicators, and ways to postpone the inevitable. 

Longevity of a Furnace

While some heating systems can last for more than 40 years (this is exceedingly rare), A propane furnace has a 15-30 year average life expectancy.

Your furnace should easily last more than 15 years if you arrange yearly furnace repair. The following are some of the features that will affect how long your furnace will last:

  • Furnace Service Regularity And Quality

Arrange fall furnace repair from a professional AC company in Fayetteville that also washes your unit every year to retain the maker’s guarantees and keep your device clean and efficient. 

  • Humidity Levels And Ventilation Are Crucial Considerations.

Heater components might corrode and prematurely fail if there is too much moisture in the air. This moisture is very damaging to your heat transfer, and you must routinely call experts for heating services in Fort Smith, AR.

  • Installation Gets Done Accurately

According to Energy Star, more than half of all new Ventilation systems get built inaccurately. As a result, rated performance levels can be decreased by up to 30%, resulting in early failures, comfort issues, poor air dispersion, and dehumidification. Therefore, the day your heater is built is the most critical day of its existence. 

It’s time to replace your heating system.

There are generally too many factors when it comes to furnace life expectancies to provide a definitive answer. Instead, consult with an expert to evaluate whether or not you should upgrade your furnace. 

Homeowners with furnaces that are more than 15 years old, on the other hand, may save more money over the long term by upgrading their unit rather than choosing to spend money on maintenance. Older heating units are notoriously incompetent, costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in additional fuel and operational costs. 

According to the US Department of Energy, upgrading a furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of less than 80 percent with a new 95 percent effective condensation furnace provides a better value for money. 

Upgrading an existing furnace with a new high-efficiency one is a terrific way to save money while increasing home convenience and quality. High-efficiency heaters have an AFUE rating of 90 to 99 percent and condensate vapors to a secondary heating element to reduce power losses.

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