Feel The Love

Feel the Love 2020

- 2020 Feel the Love Winner -

This video highlights the day we installed a new system for Kathy with Lennox’s Feel the Love program. Kathy was nominated for this by her life-long friend Jeannie. Her old unit was not working properly and hadn’t for several years, but she couldn’t afford to replace it. It was leaking water into her carpet and when it did run it ran all the time. This drove her electric bill through the roof. To really Feel the Love, check out this video!

- 2020 Feel the Love -

It’s that time of year again! We are so happy to announce that we are participating in the 2020 Feel the Love Giveaway. Nominate a local resident who you believe deserves a new heating or cooling system, but may not have the funds to purchase one on their own. Help us help them Feel the Love!

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