5 Step Spring AC Maintenance Checklist

Spring season is when the most flowers bloom, and with those flowers blooms the season of pollen and related allergies. It irritates and frustrates people when they are outside and in easy reach of the pollen, but many are affected by it inside their homes. The cause behind this is your HVAC unit. As you turn on your AC, the air circulation may cause the pollen to be distributed in your home. Thankfully, a simple maintenance service can solve this problem for you!

For Fayetteville residents who want to try DIY AC maintenance, here is a checklist that we, as an AC company in Fayetteville, agree with.

5 Step Maintenance Checklist

Step 1: Thermostat Calibration

Before you move on to any complicated HVAC maintenance, inspect your thermostat and recalibrate it. Recalibration of a thermostat will ensure it is in sync with your AC’s settings. If you currently do not own a smart thermostat, you can always consider investing in one. They can help your home become more energy-efficient.

Step 2: Checking The Airflow.

Once you’ve calibrated your thermostat, check the airflow of your system. You can turn on the AC to assess the quantity and quality of air coming out. If the air is dusty, then turn off your unit and clean the filters. Please note that cleaning of filters should not be done using vacuum cleaners! If your AC uses reusable filters, you should remove the filters entirely before cleaning!

Step 3: Checking The Coils.

Your evaporator and condenser coils will have dirt caked on them after use. They can easily be cleaned. All you’ll need is foam cleaner, water hose (slow setting only), cardboard, tissues, soft bristle brush and hard bristle brush, as well as some gloves! Use the brush to sweep the coils before using water and foam cleanser. Ensure that the coils are completely dry (usually takes 1-2 hours) before you turn on your unit!

Step 4: Checking Refrigerant Levels.

Refrigerant levels should be checked during a maintenance service. Without the appropriate level, your home may be over or undercooked. However, if the level is too low, do not try to refill this level by yourself! Instead, call a contractor who provides AC repair in Fayetteville, AR.

Step 5: Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Cleaning your outdoor unit is a must. Use a brush and gloves to remove all debris that is stuck inside the unit. Avoid using vacuum cleaners, if possible. However, you can use a soft water spray to remove any dirt.

Scheduling A Service

The above-given things are the only inspections and maintenance you can safely do. For additional maintenance, you should call an air conditioner company. The service will cover:

  • Inspection of electrical wires
  • Inspection of motor
  • Oiling of motors, belts, and fans
  • Inspection of fan blades (and replacements if necessary)
  • Inspection of the outdoor compressor

If you’ve completed the checklist, you should also try calling Martin’s HVAC. We’re the best AC company in Fayetteville, AR. We’ll provide you with affordable AC services and save money on your AC. You can call us on (479)-785-444 or email your queries to office@martinshvac.com.