5 Noises That Indicate You Need An Air Conditioner Repair

Weird noises from your air conditioner are never a good sign. The last thing you want to hear on a sunny day when you want to relax is some strange noise coming out of your air conditioner. It could be difficult to identify if the problem that is causing the noises is severe or moderate. 

You should promptly schedule a visit with air conditioner repair in Fayetteville, AR if the noises are persistent.

The following are some of the familiar noises that specify that your air conditioner needs repair. 

  • Rattling

If there is a rattling sound in your air conditioner, it probably means that there are loose parts inside. The intensity of the sounds varies based on how to lose these parts. Something as tiny as a screw can cause rattling sounds. 

On the other hand, your fan, debris, leaves, and twigs that go inside the air conditioner could also cause these noises. Do not leave these sounds unattended because they might be an indication that your compressor motor is dying. Have a maintenance checkup scheduled, by searching for an air conditioning service in Fort Smith, AR, to understand what is causing the sounds in your air conditioner precisely.

  • Squealing

Many air conditioners produce high pitch squealing sounds when they are turned on. A squealing or screeching sound that occurs when the unit starts is different from the one that happens when the AC unit is running. These sounds usually occur when there is an issue with the AC motors, which is outside or inside. The blower wheel malfunctioning could be another reason.

  • Clicking

An electrical malfunction will cause constant clicking sounds coming from your air conditioner unit. The numerous electrical components in your air conditioning unit need to be checked to find where the malfunction is. This checking is not something that can be done by someone who is not a professional. It is recommended to call an ac company Fort Smith, AR expert, to do the job.

  • Buzzing

The following are some of the common causes why your AC units are making buzzing sounds.

  • Loose parts.
  • Unclean or dirty filter that needs to be replaced.
  • Leaves and sticks getting stuck in the outdoor condenser unit.
  • Uncleaned condenser coil.
  • Leaks in the refrigerant.
  • Banging

This sound usually occurs when there are any loose or broken parts inside the system. The volume of the banging tells how big the issue is. It could be caused because of a rod, a crankshaft, or a piston that got loose in the compressor unit.

If you find loud banging or thudding sounds coming from your AC, it is time to get it diagnosed and repaired before the problem escalates into something serious.

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